Program Details

Program Overview:

The program weaves together five elements to address obstacles faced by households working to become home owners; these are detailed below.

Individual Support and Advocacy
Financial Assistance
Ongoing Support


The Education Workshops will cover topics that the potential home owner will need to be aware of and understand prior to purchasing a home.  Topics to be included:

  • Are you ready for Home ownership? (is this right for you?)
  • Affordability - Budgeting, now and as a homeowner
  • Credit Rating and Debts
  • The Home Buying Process
  • Mortgages and Finance Options
  • The Closing Process
  • Being a Homeowner - utilities, repair, maintenance, etc.


The HOME Program provides you with the education and then will help you to develop plans to address various obstacles, such as poor credit history or lack of a down payment. The HOME Program can also provide you with resources to overcome those obstacles. New workshops will be developed as needed.


As a starting point in addressing barriers to home ownership, The HOME Program continues to work in the area of financial assistance for the first time home buyer. Once having completed the education component and demonstrated to the program they are ready to transition into home ownership participants will be directed to current financial assistance programs.


The HOME Program prides itself on the many partnerships that have been developed to complement the program. These partnerships include organizations that refer participants into the program and organizations that provide services and support to participants. 


The Program has ongoing support in a number of areas including follow up with past participants. In addition The HOME Program is a resource for information related to changes and opportunities in the area of home ownership. In addition to individual support networking with other program participants, and new homeowners is encouraged.