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What is The HOME Program?

The HOME Program helps low and moderate income people become homeowners, through education, financial assistance and referrals to one-on-one counselling.

When is the next session?

The education component is currently being modified and updated to align with changes in the marketplace. New sessions should be available later in 2017.  Please click on the Contact Us page if you would like to register your interest in an upcoming education session.

Who can qualify for down payment assistance?

The HOME Program works with various organizations to direct participants to sources that provide down payment or product based assistance. Once you have completed the education component you will be informed of those sources that will best fit your specific situation.

How is low income defined?

The definition of low income will be dependent on the regulations of the organization providing assistance and can vary widely. The education component will provide some insight into the current programs available and their requirements.

Who runs The HOME Program?

Capital Region Housing Corporation and Capital Region Housing Foundation are both actively involved in The HOME Program.

Where can participants get more information or register?

Participants can call 780-420-6161 Extension 608 or use the Contact Us form of this web site.